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What Is the Meaning of Life Book

Finding Life's Purposes

What am I doing here, what am I supposed to do in life? Is there a genuine path and direction that I can follow?

Life’s meaning and the purpose of life is often one of the most intriguing questions that we all ask ourselves. 

We are often aware of the meaning of life and purpose through the society’s perspective, such as acquiring wealth, success, happiness. If we have religious beliefs, we are also capable of realizing it through our faith and its teachings.

What On Earth Are We Doing Here – The Purpose In Life is a book that explores and examines our meaning and purpose through the perspective of humans’ intrinsic needs. 

Whether we recognize them knowingly or not, these are some aspects that we all need and seek inherently: things that we all strive for in life even if we’re unaware of it. 

If you are interested in philosophy, self-understanding and psychology, then this is the book for you. See below to read the first chapter and buy What Is The Meaning Of Life book online. 


What are some topics discussed in the book?

The book answers questions such as:

“What’s the meaning and purpose of life, what directions and paths can I pursue?”

“Why is there always conflicts, how can we change or resolve it?”

“What should I seek in terms of wealth?”

“Why do we go to schools, what is the significance of schools and education?”

The book separates into two sections: the first section discusses our essential needs in life, whilst the second part examines the inevitable occurrences we would encounter throughout our lives.

How did you come up with this book?

Through a lot of reading of others’ great works, classics such as 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey, Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry, The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, and Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

And through the countless wonderful people I’ve met, through the amazing stories and knowledge each and every individual possesses, and through the hardships, the triumphs, that all of us endured and experienced at some point in life. 

The stories, knowledge and experiences presented a pattern for what we, as human beings, essentially all seek and yearn for in life, which inspired me to write and to share it with you.

What inspired you to write this book?

The topic of meaning and purpose holds great value and meaning to me, because I believe we have all pondered upon it sometime in our lives.

And more often than not, it’s our individual perceptions along with our influences that shape and guide us to define what our meaning and purposes are. Thus it’s very difficult to find a commonality for such a universal question. 

The book strips away all the different influences and paths that we might face and tread upon, and explores and explains the innate needs and common purpose all humans seek, and ways to best pursue it.

Genuine happiness is not only seeking the aspects which interests us, excites us, and benefits us. Most of all, it's also learning to understand, to accept, and to resolve the internal & external conflicts, problems, and mistakes that we would all inevitably come across in life.

Sample Chapter



Since the dawn of humanity, we have always questioned the meaning of life, and we always will. It signifies our intelligence and our need to understand. Many of us eventually form a conclusion, consciously or subconsciously. Some believe that there is no definite purpose, that our existence is a coincidence, and consequently, life cannot have any intended significant meaning. While we may never truly understand how we got here or why we exist, we will always use our intelligence, however limited, to attempt to come to a reasonable conclusion and use it as guidance in what we can aim for and achieve in our individual lives.

There have been numerous theories and answers to the same question throughout history. Philosophers, both in the Western and Eastern worlds, have provided theories and ideals concerning the meaning of life.

The various religions that still exist today have also given reasons and purpose through spiritual perspectives. The scientific community has provided some context through its research. And of course, the majority of us living today have pondered the question at one time or another and have to come to terms with it through each of our own perspectives.

Throughout different fields and viewpoints, the answers are obviously varied; some are quite complex and hard to comprehend, while some may sound too simple and plain. Some answers are given through religious beliefs, while others attempt to provide explanations through scientific or social contexts.


In the modern world, if one asks about the notion of a purpose in life, some of the most popular answers would probably be seeking happiness, being successful, being knowledgeable, or loving and caring for the people close to us. The conclusion each individual comes to could be any of the above, all of the above, or something entirely different. 

From various perspectives, it is indeed very difficult to provide a precise answer suitable for everyone, considering that we all grew up differently, were raised in various cultures and religions, and see the world through our own lenses. But despite all our differences, we do have certain things in common: we are all human beings, a species made up of the same DNA; and we all have intellectual capacity and possess human traits such as empathy, compassion, love, hate, anger, prejudice, etc. If we disregard the influences 


of differing factors on how humans perceive life, we can most certainly attempt to identify the similarities of purpose and meaning for which all humanity strives.

As the human race grows and expands rapidly, we use our intellect to create solutions for our ever-growing society; we advance in technologies, create infrastructures, form social and economic systems, and much more. With all the advancements that help us improve our way of life, we have also created a more multifaceted and much more complicated world.

Very often we are so caught up in the complexity of the external world and seeking to comprehend it that our purpose and meaning become defined by its context; we fail to see or make efforts to understand the most basic things in life, things such as humans’ intrinsic needs and our own purpose as individuals.


While we may each have varied answers and viewpoints regarding the same question, and while we can come to various possible viewpoints through different contexts, the fundamental answers that are intrinsic to human beings are essentially timeless, unchanging, and unwavering. The same set of answers can be applied to the young or the old, to a person residing in the Americas or someone living in Africa, to a man born in the fifteenth century or the present. There is a universal purpose and meaning that we all inherently strive for and is applicable to any one of us, past, present, and beyond.

Everything in life has its patterns. When we hear success stories, they often share certain similar traits; when we see news of misfortunes in people’s lives, we can usually notice some similarities there as well.


Life itself has its own patterns, and human beings have certain patterns too. We may be different in many aspects (nationality, race, education, culture, religion), but what we all seek in life is not that much different. Some of us will eventually sort out the pieces of the pattern and pursue it in our lifetime, but for many of us, that pattern is never quite realized, and we solely follow along with (or rebel against) the extrinsic world as the framework and reason to our purpose.

I am, like most of us, searching for and trying to understand the meaning and purpose of my life — if there even is any. While the journeys I’ve taken to this date have aided me in developing a clearer understanding and better knowledge, there is no doubt the process is continuous, and there is always so much more to gain. One thing is certain: to be 


able to comprehend and reach your purpose of life, the process of seeking and pursuing is never-ending; it has to be done constantly and consistently, expanding upon the principles.

This book is about discovering that essential path, putting the appropriate pieces into the puzzle, and finding your unwavering purpose in life. While it is not meant to be a definitive or complete explanation, it is based on fundamental principles of existence, which transcend, affect, and are applicable to all aspects of life.

If these same questions have crept into your thoughts, whether the answers have already been given or you are still searching, I wish to share this simple yet indispensable knowledge with you. It might be


something fresh and enlightening, it might broaden your existing paths, or it might reaffirm something you already understand. Whatever you can gain from this book, it should provide the missing links to some of the questions — questions about yourself and about life in general.

If you have ever pondered these questions, read on so that I can share my findings with you.

Henry Nicholas

“Thought provoking and an interesting read if you have ever thought about these questions.”

Marissa Thompson

“A very informative and insightful book overall, highly recommended!”

Kelly H.

“A refreshing take and simple facts to meaning of life. It taps into our inner necessities of our mind and soul. Worth a read!”

Richard Hernandez

“This book gives a solid foundation to our meaning and purpose in life. A very fast and easy read.”


The book can also be purchased in all major bookstores across Canada and the United States. Simply provide the ISBN# 978-1-77302-797-5 to the sales clerk, the book can be ordered and picked up within several business days.

About me

Korey C.

Has lived on different continents, worked for corporations and small businesses, and met countless people and heard their amazing stories along the way. Through his cumulative knowledge and experiences, he recognized a pattern in people that have found meaning and purpose in their lives, the steps to achieve it, and now wishes to share it with you.

Korey enjoys to read, exercise, and have fun whenever he can.